I had 4 homes benefit from an Open House the week of October 12th. Perhaps the taping of the new Sex & the City 2  movie in the immediate area kept people away from one open house. 

This stylish apartment in the Bronx has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths!

This stylish 5 Bedroom home in Riverdale has beautifu views of the Hudson!

A listing in the heart of the Upper West Side of Manhattan had nine families/individuals attend. This was our third and final open house.  The contract has been signed – in less than three weeks!
A nice one bedroom apartment in Upper Manhattan had four attendees at what was our third and final open house. There is a contract out expected to be signed by Thursday – in less than four weeks from our first showing.

A very large apartment on Riverside Drive had three families attend. Good interest from all who attended. People are a bit more cautious on homes priced over $1 million.
Many other agents have listings that have been on the market for more than six months to one year! Check with me and The Corcoran Group for just the right home for you.  Our secret to selling in this market… Pricing right is critical. Over-price your Manhattan Apartment, and you end up chasing the market down. Priced right and the buyers come in droves!