Meet Lee Presser, M.B.A., ePro, Associate Broker…
Lee, a native New Yorker now residing in Riverdale, is a former resident of Chelsea and the Upper East Side. As a homeowner, real estate investor, former condo and co-op board member, and real estate professional, Lee understands the uniqueness of each building’s board approval process, and clearly, efficiently, and smoothly guides each buyer through the process, and verifies each buyer’s package for his sellers. Lee also understands that his business is built on many referrals, and as such always looks to make buying or selling a home a smooth, wonderful, exciting, and pleasant experience.Offering you quality brokerage services that you can trustWith a reputation for outstanding client service, Lee Presser has long been guiding buyers and sellers through the complexities (and accompanying concerns) of a Manhattan real estate transaction.

Lee’s exceptional skill as a skydiver and single engine Cessna co-pilot transfer seamlessly to his work with buyers and sellers. Beginning with a view of the market that is both broad and detailed, Lee dedicates himself to the unique needs of his client. His level of scrutiny and focus leads him to their new home.

Lee’s extensive knowledge of the financial markets allows him to recognize, understand, and explain the relationship between (fluctuating) market conditions, buying power, and price. Lee’s ability to understand each of the factors that affect price is a key ingredient in getting sellers the highest price for their properties, or to negotiate the best value for buyers.

When representing a seller, Lee aggressively markets the property ensuring it receives maximum exposure (in print and on-line). Lee understands that his fiduciary responsibility to any seller is to get that seller the highest price in the shortest period of time, unless the seller has other desires.

Skydiving, Lee Presser pays close attention to detail with his Real Estate Business in the Upper West Side!When working with buyers, Lee’s ability to get to know a person well is his most important asset. This allows Lee to focus on searching for and finding properties that fit the specific preferences of his buyers. Lee’s 20+ years as a consultant on Wall Street proves immensely valuable when handling the intricacies and subtle differences of each real estate transaction. No two buildings have the same board package and (board) approval process. Even an experienced buyer can appreciate his knowledge. Lee’s detail-oriented approach assures that his buyers’ board packages are complete, well organized, and professionally prepared for presentation.

In his free time, along with his wife, Lee loves what the city has to offer. Lee also enjoys playing strategic board games, attending sporting events, reading, dining out, travel, and scuba diving.

Lee offers an extensive network of proven professionals, including but not limited to attorneys, financial planning, CPA, estate planning and insurance professionals, mortgage brokers, staging and de-clutter specialists, and architects and contractors.

Lee is an active member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), and a former member of the Manhattan, New York State, and the National Association of Realtors® (MANAR, NYSAR, and NAR). Lee has access to virtually every listing (condos, coops, townhouses, 1-4 family homes) in Manhattan and Riverdale.

 Although Lee specializes in the Upper West Side of Manhattan he has sold condominium and co-op apartments all over the New York area. He can provide insight and high quality care on all your relocation needs. His website offers unique information on neighborhoods in Manhattan, such as Greenwich Village, Midtown, Chelsea, and many other popular neighborhoods in Manhattan Real Estate. Lee also provides useful information about the buying and selling process in Manhattan, which is very different then other markets around the country. He can give you what to expect from Closing Costs and explain the difference between Co-ops and Condos. Lee can even help when you have the Real Estate Blues! You need an experienced Realtor; you want a Realtor who can provide knowledge of the area and the effectiveness to complete the sale. So Get Ready For Action!


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