Three (3) Tips to

brighten your apartment

or change the mood

without spending $$$

As a Feng Shui expert and Interior Designer, I always advise people to first define how they see their ideal life, then I help them with setting up a home that is supportive of their goals and desires.

So weather you live in a single room or a big house, the rules of thumb for making your space bright and inviting without spending top $$$ are the same.


1-First, having the right lighting creates an atmosphere. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, you can add ceiling lights, task lightings and ambiance lightings. Mirrors are also great light enhancers as they reflect every bit of light you get. And in Feng Shui, we also use Crystals. They diffuse beautiful rays of light when hit by the sun. You can display those by your window.


2-The other element is Color. Color sets the mood of the space. The most important thing there is to know is: only use colors you love! They can be applied to your walls, your soft furnishing, and your furniture in various shades.

They can be vivid or subtle, applied on whole surfaces or as accents in little object. If you are not sure which colors to apply, choose a favorite object, and use it as a guide.

3-The third element is introducing moving and leaving things like plants, water fountains, mobiles. They always make great accents and add life and personality to your space.


And if you feel you need more advice to find a home style and make it really yours, you can contact me.

Marie Burgos : 917-535-9149