Buildings throughout NYC are preparing for a doorman building strike. Residents are being issued security passes and strike packages and signing up for volunteer building duties. Negotiations between the Realty Advisory Board and local 32BJ have resumed this morning. The contract covering 30,000 building workers expires tonight at 11:59 pm. The union has been running ads featuring doormen and porters. Robocalls featuring actress Cynthia Nixon have been calling apartment residents urging them to stand with building workers.

New Yorkers who live in condos and coops receive their building financials annually. The building financials include operating budgets and staff salaries. Most shareholders and condo owners are aware of what the building staff gets paid excluding tips and perks. The last strike by building workers was in 1991 also during a recession. A strike not only disrupts “the quality of life for NYC apartment residents. It will affect real estate closings, Open Houses and move-in and move-outs.

Let’s hope a strike is averted!

What do you think? Should anyone be asking for a raise in the midst of a recession?